Spoco's major challenge is about offering you the best training experience at home with no need for specific equipment. Spoco also teaches you how to physically train yourself without leaving the confort of home.



Project: Spoco

Partner: Léo Léger

Date: April 2015

Client: Partnership with Nettelo, student project

Deliverable: Application


Spoco is a prospective concept, in fact it means that is ahead of its time, it is an answer to tomorrow's questions. Based on Lafay's method , Spoco enables to straighten-up, coach and follow the user during his training journey at home. Thanks to Nettelo's 3D technology, you are now able to take a look at your body's transformation.

Based on Lafay's method

« The Lafay Method is a method of fitness created by french author Olivier Lafay. The method utilizes bodyweight exercises to achieve several fitness goals with results comparable to standard weight-lifting. » Source

What is Nettelo ?

"Capture and interact with your body in 3D on your mobile, all as easy as taking and sharing photos. Each body is unique, get to know yours - back to front and top to bottom - in 3D with the free Nettelo app"

How does it work?

The user take position in front of his Kinect. The Kinect detects the body moves and displays these same moves on the smartphone so that the user might see what modifications  might be done on his training technics. Spoco has also a unique training program for every user based on his objectives. Nettelo offers the possibility to check out your physical evolution in 3D. Spoco has also made a partnership with Deezer so that you can enjoy a special musical experience!

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