Thanks to Soom, you can sleep peacefully even if your phone is still connected



Project: Soom

Partners: Adrien Mascunan, Léo Léger

Date: June 2015

Client: Student project

Deliverable: Internet of Things


Soom is a connected base, it is associated with an app that allows you to shut down your smartphone’s waves while remaining connected. This new technology will enable you to sleep quietly. Soom has been designed during a one-week workshop.

The number



Looking more closely at the information concerning our smarphone’s eletromagnetic waves, we have came to the conclusion that 75% of the young people keep their mobile phones on, either on a bedside table or under their pillow to stay connected while sleeping. In France, the smartphone is one of the most popular alarm clocks (29%) and mostly in the 15-29 age group (51%).

Research tracks


A modular interface

Soom is divided in 4 major functionalities. An app will enable you to affiliate a specific functionality on each of these 3 different uses, wich are:

  • Shutting down your smartphone’s wave
  • Charging your smartphone’s battery
  • Launching music on a bluetooth speaker

3D prototyping

First of all, we have designed a stylish, natural and functional design for Soom, in order to enable this connected base to welcome your smartphone in the best conditions. And then the material version of Soom finally came to life

How does it work?

Once you start using Soom’s associated app you can choose what functionality you want to use your connected base for.
Soom uses NFC technology to communicate with your device. When you plug in your smartphone, it is for one or many specific uses. This wireless technology has a radius of action of a few millimeters, so it has no harmful effect on your sleep and your brain

What comes right after 3D? Reality