That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for gastropods



Project: Snails

Partner: J.G Jablanczy

Date: Juin 2014

Client: Student project

Deliverable: Website + App


Get a taste of the biggest adventure that no snail has ever experienced!
Snails is an app and a website for climbing, which feeds itself from  the narration of "quantified-self" to make you progress ludicrously.


Climbing is an intense sport that requires both follow-up and great rigor. That is what is Snails for. It will enable you to surpass yourself. Using a snail as both an avatar and a metaphor, this app quantifies your climbs (distance, time, speed, calories ...) using your smartphone’s sensors and uses them at the same time to challenge your friends. That is an important aspect of the gamification of the intense sport of climbing, this aspect motivates you to keep going on.

A lunar design

‘One small step for Man’... it’s your turn to reach the moon. This is the idea behind the grahic design of the Snails interface. With snapshots, online messaging, collaborative missions, challenges and a store, Snails is made to keep you fit!