The interactive dictionnary is made for understanding prototyping and how to communicate among different trad's branches.


Project: Dictum

Partner: Manon Le Quillec

Date: March 2015

Client: Partnership with Orange and l'école de design Nantes Atlantique

Deliverable: Application


Dictum is an app that targets project creators. It is used in the start-ups process of creating innovating ideas. Prototyping is the process' key step this is why is it primary to handle it carefully in order to face different possibilities. Dictum is a new, simple and methodci way to learn the prototyping language by using complete tools.

Start-up process' layout


A strong graphic identity

The visual identity's design have been inspired by paper sheets and by the etching of ancient dictionnaries. This design also uses modern colors. 

Senseful and ergonomic interfaces