Having and proposing such a creative idea have never been so ideal!



Project: Better

Date: June 2015

Client: Student project

Deliverable: App + Site web


Better is a school project that targets compagnies. Better is a digital, collaborative and  (at first) unnamed tool to unchain employees' creativity about their work environment, it is about offering them the opportunity to express ideas. Thanks to the gamification concept, Better enables to have a constructive point of view on the compagnies productions. Because of its unamed publication this concept puts all the employes point of view on the same scale.

How does it work?

All the employees have access to the app on the company's network. When an employee signs up, a secret identity is created (pseudonym and password). Every employee gets to express ideas concerning different topics, and eventually discuss their colleagues previous ideas. As soon as an idea gets 20 positive reviews in less then 10 days, a proper superior is automatically notified. Then, it is the employee's concern to choose whether he wants his identity to become public. In order to keep its gamification aspect, users will eventually have to unlock different levels (novice, thinker, prodigy and genius).

A polyvalent design

In order to make it easy to use Better is now available on mobile and desktop. This inovative concept is caracterized by its simple, clean and dynamique design.