Atlantique Imagerie Médicale

Rethinking the brand identity of a radiology center where human beings are the ultimate priority


Atlantique Imagerie Médicale is a radiology center in Nantes, a city close to the atlantic coast. This radiology center is a small welcoming structure that we had to create a logotype for.

What have I done you ask ?


Partner: Léo Léger
Date: June 2016
Client: Atlantique Imagerie Médicale, Freelance

Atlantique Imagerie Médicale

What is it?

Atlantique Imagerie Médicale is a radiology center in Nantes, a city close to the atlantic coast. This radiology center is a small welcoming structure that we had to create a logotype for.

Understanding the needs

The process

AIM started by introducing us their expectations and the values.

They wanted to return by the logo. We have done several
proposals we presented to the client.

The client wanted us to decline the logo on different media.

Our process


Creative research

At first we have drawn sketches on paper so that we can develop different research axes using the client’s brief the universal board.

One step at a time, the final form is specified to perfectly illustrate the cabinet using a simple and elegant image.

100% inspired by radiology

The logotype’s simplicity makes its boldness. The opacity offers a particular visual game and puts life into the soul of radiology: the superposition of layers.

Unity is strength

In medical industry, working together as a team is not optional. Unity is important to A.I.M, we wanted our logotype to carry and reflect this value that lead this radiology center to sucess.